Author: koby Felix

Compare ULIP with Other Insurance

If you are a new investor, then terms like ULIP and traditional insurance might seem a bit too technical. However, understanding the difference between the two is important, if you want to plan your long-term and short-term financial investments. ULIP refers to Unit Linked Insurance Plan. The ‘unit’ in question […]

Accountants and Company Secretarial Services

Accounting services have shown to get essential to companies whether they are merely beginning or already operating. For the reason that the assistance profit the businessmen to cope with their finances well this provides the most effective for your business to boost in productivity and satisfaction available on the market. […]

Find out more about invoice financing

What is invoice financing? There are two main forms of invoice financing. These are invoice discounting and invoice factoring. With invoice discounting, you borrow money against your invoice until your client pays you. You’re then in a position to settle your debt with your financier. Discounting may be for you […]